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What Are You Waiting For?

“A habit is the link between inspiration and self-realization.”  Gail Sher

Dear God, Jesus Christ,

I’m sitting in my sun room reading my pages and seeing and realizing that I’m the biggest do nothing person I’ve ever met. Have you ever felt that way? You know you want to do something but you don’t because you’re afraid and don’t have the guts to do  it. I look at all the positive help that’s been sent my way by You and I’m still sitting on my ass not accomplishing not even one of my goals.  How do I stand the sight of me. The sound of my voice. The prayers I keep sending up to You. I can’t stand me at all. I’m thinking about all these people who are making it in their chosen profession. Jerry Seinfield wanted to be a comedian. He believed he could do it so he set goals for himself.  And step by step he did it. He’s now a well known comedian giving other comedians advice because they want to be like him. I watched Billy Crystal yesterday and he too wanted to be a comedian. His wife believed in him but that was only part of what made him a success. He stepped out and took the chance and he kept stepping out and look at him now. People will pay any price to see him and Jerry Seinfield. They’re not only comedians but they’re actors also.

I read about writers all the time who wanted to write but were afraid at first. But they stepped out one step at a time and kept stepping out and now they are successful writers. No matter how much someone else believes in you, you must first and foremost believe in yourself. Do you really want to be _____________. Fill in the blank. If you really want to be _____________ then what can you do to get there? Yes, you step out one step at a time. People can give you all kinds of advice, ideas, how to’s or not how to’s but until you decide within yourself that yes, I really want to do this it doesn’t matter. Until I say, I want to do this for me not for anyone else it’s not going to happen. You can read all the motivating books you want but until you take that first step and then the next step, it ain’t going to happen.

I listened to Joyce Meyer. She told friends that God called her to preach His word. Her friends looked at her like she was insane. But was she? She talks about how she and her husband, Dave, started one small step at a time. Step by step. Inch by inch. And as Anne Lamont says over and over, Bird by Bird. Our son, Diallo, now has his own business and doing great. How is that possible? Because he did it step by step. Our son, Kimani, is now a CPA. How did that happen? Step by step. Our daughter, Anna, now has her first published book. How did that happen? Step by step.

So, you want to be a big money making author. You can come up with all kinds of excuses as to why you’re not even anywhere near that. But here’s the question. Are you ready for the question? If you really want to be a well paid author, why aren’t you doing it step by step? Don’t you dare say you’re afraid. Don’t you dare say you have no ideas. Don’t you dare say you have no time. Don’t you dare say you have no support. Don’t you dare say you need a  place to write. Don’t you dare say the house is too noisy. Don’t you dare say the kids are in the way. Don’t you dare say any excuse at all. Don’t you dare look for any excuse. Yes, we can always find an excuse. There are more excuses then we can even put on paper. So, here’s the deal. You sit down and write out all the excuses you can possibly think of.  All of them even if they don’t apply to you. Write it anyway. Now take those excuses and post them on your bedroom wall, your bathroom mirror, your computer, your dresser, your TV screen, your windows, your kitchen cabinets, and any place else you can think of. Yep, post them for you to see wherever you go in your home, on your job, your car, or whatever.

Now that you’ve done that find yourself a calendar that has the whole year on one page. Then each day when you read your excuses mark it on the calendar. Every day mark it with an X or O or whatever mark you want. After you mark your calendar, sit down and write about the excuse you used as to why you couldn’t write that day. It doesn’t have to be long. Write it in a notebook. Be sure to write the month, day, and year. Write it by hand not on the computer so you can feel the excuse pouring out of you. It must be written by hand only. Do this for an entire month. Yes, an entire month. After the month keep doing it only this time when you sit down to write your excuse start writing about the story that’s been floating in your head. But only one page no more then one page then stop. After a month keep it up with the excuses and write two pages of the story floating in your head. Continue until six (6) months have passed, adding another page or more if you want. Now go back and read everything you have written. I’m willing to bet that by going step by step you’re on your way to writing that story, be it short or long, fiction or non-fiction. Have a good time writing those excuses  and your story. I’m also willing to bet that your story will win over those excuses.

Here’s to your success.  STEP BY STEP.