“There is a risk you cannot afford to take, and there is the risk you cannot afford not to take.”  Peter Drucker


Sarah was in tensed. She was on her knees pulling weeds out of her vegetable garden. “I love eating fresh vegetables. There’s no taste that can compare but I hate all the work it takes to get to and enjoy that taste. It would be so much easier time wise if I didn’t work such crazy hours and the weather was better.”

It had rained for three days straight. She had to wait for the water to drain before she could work in the garden. I don’t know how farmers do this for a living. While digging and pulling up weeds, Sarah suddenly felt a strong breeze on her neck. She tried to ignore it but couldn’t. It was not like a windy breeze. It was like a steady breeze as if someone was breathing on her neck. She looked up and looked into the eyes of a huge dog standing next to her. She was a beautiful cocoa color with a big white spot between the eyes. The dog didn’t move. It just stared at her.

Should she scream? Should she push it away? Should she jump up and try to run away? Sarah thought all of those things at once but couldn’t move. She decided to pet the dog since it was just standing there and it still hadn’t moved.

“Nice doggy,” she said as she petted the top of its head. That’s when it did move. It came closer and with a huge tongue licked her right up the middle of her face from chin to forehead. She was so surprised that she fell backward. Now the dog was standing over her and licking her face again. She lifted her hand to cover her face to keep the dog from licking it again. When she did that the dog growled showing its teeth so she quickly took her hand away. Now what was she going to do? When she moved the dog growled. When she stayed still he licked her face.

“Here King! Where are you? Here King?”

The dog turned around in the direction of the voice and began to bark.

“Go King, go!” Sarah said. But it didn’t move.

Suddenly she heard footsteps. “Here he is,” Sarah yelled. “Over here!”

The steps came closer. Then a pair of brown hiking boots were standing next to her. A hand grabbed the dog’s collar and pulled it back off of her.

“I’m so sorry. I don’t know what came over him. He suddenly took off and I don’t know why. Did he hurt you? Are you all right? I apologize again. He’s a hunting dog and for some reason he must have thought we were going hunting.”

Sarah reached out her hand so that he could help her up. He had dark brown eyes that seemed to smile at her. He was about 3″ taller than her and quite good looking. She brushed off her clothes and straightened her ponytail.

“Well, he scared me but he didn’t hurt me. He just kept licking my face. When I put my arm up to cover my face, he growled at me.”

“Yea, he thought you were trying to get away. I’m glad he licked you and didn’t bite you. My name’s Alex and we just moved in up the street about a week ago. Again, I apologize.”

“I accept your apology especially since I wasn’t hurt. My name’s Sarah and welcome to the neighborhood.”



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